Noëmi DeBora

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Noëmi DeBora - Impressions
  1. You've Got The Power
  2. Say Goodbye
  3. Still Waitin' For The Date
  4. Reach Out Your Hands
  5. Los Olvidados
  6. Chance To Dance
  7. Dig In The Dirt
  1. I Do It My Way
  2. Failed
  3. Feel What's Going On
  4. One Man Can't Heal The World
  5. Son I'm Gonna Miss You
  6. My Private Hidden World

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Private Eyes

Noëmi DeBora - Private Eyes
  1. Don't Leave Me This Way
  2. Woman Without Arms
  3. Rainbow Over Africa
  4. Time To Leave Me
  5. But Just For Me
  1. Unspoken Words
  2. You Are The One
  3. Just A Little Crime
  4. Deep Inside My Heart
  5. The Promise Is A Perjury

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