Keith Thompson and strange brew

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Snapshot Of Reality

Marc Jundt - Marimba
  1. Showdown
  2. Getting Ready For The Burn
  3. All My Friends Are Gone
  4. Stormy Monday
  5. Promised Land
  6. Giving Up The Day Job
  1. Road To Recovery
  2. Reputation
  3. Who Says A Whiteman Can't Get The Blues
  4. Power Of Love
  5. Take Me To The River
  6. Tore Down

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Keith Thompson has been part of the Brambus family for ages and one of our finest artists in the field of blues and blues-rock! This is his third album for Brambus and it is hot!

“Snapshot of Reality” is the “live and dangerous” latest release from Keith Thompson Band on Brambus Records. Since their first release on Brambus Records in 1998 Keith Thompson Band have been consistently performing in mainland Europe and the UK in clubs and prestigious festivals including Postonja Blues Festival, Slovenia, Umag Festival, Croatia, Suwalki, Poland, Colne R&B festival and Gloucester Blues Festival UK. Following the success of the first album and subsequent releases it was time for the “Live” album! “Snapshot of Reality” has captured the band in action as their touring has taken them from strength to strength. For fans of British Blues/Rock, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher etc. Keith’s no-nonsense approach hits the target. Reviewers described the shows as unforgettable, flawless, exciting and impressive. There is just one thing left to do and that is to put this album on and turn it up!

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out of the smoke

Marc Jundt - Marimba
  1. Tumblin' Dice
  2. Could've Been Somebody
  3. ling Back My Heart
  4. Strange Brew
  5. Power Of Love
  6. Beat The System
  1. In Your Arms
  2. Under Your Shadow
  3. Not The Same As Love
  4. Let You Go
  5. All Over Now
  6. Promised Land

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Mit seinem Debutalbum überraschte Keith Thompson vor gut drei Jahren eingefleischte Blues-Rock-Fans: brillianter British-Guitar-Blues wurde serviert und die Kritiker setzten den Massstab ausgesprochen hoch,verglichen Thompson mit Eric Clapton und gipfelten mit dem Zusatz „noch besser als...“. Wir danken für die positive Aufnahme und doppeln jetzt noch prägnanter nach. Mit seinen treuen Be-gleitern hat Keith Thompson langsam und intensiv am neuen Album gearbeitet und es ist ein Meisterwerk des zeitlosen Blues-Rock geworden. Richtungsweisend ist der Cover-song „Strange Brew“ auf der neuen CD. Wunderbar kreativ, vielseitig, hervorragend inspiriert und genau passend produziert und arrangiert kommt das neue Meisterwerk. Mit dominant solider Gitarrenarbeit, einem bestens eingespielten Rhythmusgespann und mit virtuosen Gästen überzeugt Keith Thompson und reiht sich endgültig in die vordersten Reihen der British-Blues-Rock-Gitarristen ein. Ein Dutzend Mal Hochgenuss mit viel Power, Energie und Kreativität, ge-paart mit passenden Songlyriken und gele-gentlich hartem Grundbeat, der aber immer ausreichend Platz für die Virtuosität des Meisters lässt. Keith Thompson ist im Okto-ber für ein paar Konzerte in Mitteleuropa - Gelegenheit, das neue Album auch „live“vor-zustellen, und das ist nicht minder virtuos!

It is a few years now, since Keith Thompson surprised all the blues-rock-fans with his strong debut cd: brilliant british-guitar-blues has been presented and earned highest ratings from the critics in many countries, being compared with Eric Clapton and several times topped as „even better than...“. We are very thankfull for these compliments and double up with an even stronger new production. With his long time sidemen, Keith Thompson has worked slowly and intense on new songs and new recordings to present now a new masterpiece of timeless british-blues-rock. To show the direction, the covertrack „Strange Brew“ is featured on the album. Wonderful creative, inspired and perfectly produced and arranged, the new cd amazes. The great solid guitarwork is dominant, the rhythm duo is working perfectly and some guests add the special spices to a production, which will place Keith Thompson finally and without doubt on the top level of the british blues-rock-guitar-players. A Dozen times the best! With a lot of power, energy and creativity, added with matching songlyrics and from time to time a hard ground beat, which always leaves enough space for the virtuosity of the master. This music is timeless ~ and Keith Thompson also plays it „live“ as good and full of energy!

Keith Thompson & Strange Brew

Keith Thompson - Keith Thompson & Strange Brew
  1. Cat Scratch Crazy
  2. You Don't Know Me
  3. I'm Tore Down
  4. Reduce Me To Tears
  5. Little Boy
  6. Road To Recovery
  7. I'm Not Your Victim
  1. Heart And Soul
  2. Got My Mind Made Up
  3. Count On You
  4. Blues Don't Love You
  5. Be Good To Yourself
  6. Crossroads
  7. Higher Ground

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Keith Thompson is a professional musician with many years of performing experience. He has worked in several bands and as a solo artist and traveled extensively in Europe. Besides his "Live" performances, Keith Thompson has been in demand as a session guitarist in the studio and his guitar work has cropped up as incidental music for tv companies and has appeared on several albums. He also did the soundtrack for the best-selling computer game, "Grand Prix 2."

Keith Thompson has released several albums on independent labels and starts herewith his cooperation with the Brambus family, bringing in a strong and dynamic typical British blues-rock-album with a few known tracks and mostly self-penned compositions. In the legendary tradition of groups like "Cream," Keith Thompson is getting certainly a lot of compliments as an outstanding guitar hero and a surprising singer! But he also did some more arranged tracks with horn sections to give the album a wider range - he did good and blues-rock-fans will like his newest masterpiece.

Keith Thompson will be promoting the album throughout Europe with a well-planned promotional tour in Spring 1999. Be ready for classy British blues-rock! And what did ex-Manfred Mann musician and now BBC radio presenter Mike D'Abo say: "A highly musical and uplifting experience!" Go for it!