Kate Northrop

Kate Northrop

Currently available from Brambus Records:

Roots and Wings

Kate Northrop - Roots and Wings
  1. Ocean of Grass
  2. Storm Clouds
  3. Under Ground
  4. The Orphan
  5. Earth Dance
  6. River Rocks
  1. The Silkie
  2. Swallowtail Reel
  3. Convergence
  4. Planxty Brabazon
  5. Rain

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"Earth music that soars... Beautiful music indeed..." -- Roan Carratu, Artist Express

Kate Northrop studied celtic harp at the Bennington College in Vermont (USA) and in Aberystwyth (Wales. GB) bei Delyth Evans. She began touring in 1988 with the english songwriter Gavin James. In 1992, she began her career as composer and played solo concerts. She recorded her debut CD "Roots And Wings" together with Sandro Friedrich (from famous world-group "Acanto"). The last few years she has played concerts and festivals solo or occasionally together with Sandro Friedrich. She is also working as a studio-harpist and gives classes in celtic harp at different music schools in Switzerland. She is now married to Sandro Friedrich and they are working on a second CD release, due to come out in late 1996 or early 1997. "Roots And Wings" is worldwide available from Brambus Records except for Canada, where it is licensed to Midsummer Music.