Hugh Moffatt

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live and alone

Hugh Moffatt - Live And Alone
  1. When You Held Me In Your Arms
  2. The Way Love Is
  3. How Could I Love Her So Much
  4. The Lord Don't Take No Prisoners
  5. Carolina Star
  6. Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You
  7. Words At Twenty Paces
  8. Somewhere In Kansas
  1. Loving You
  2. Last Nicht I Dreamed Of Loving You
  3. I Get Lonely For You
  4. Rose Of My Heart
  5. Your Sweet Love
  6. I Do
  7. For Mary
  8. I Always Turn To You

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ghosts of the music - $14.95

Hugh Moffatt - ghosts of the music
  1. watermelon moon
  2. you an i make love
  3. just in case
  4. blood red moon
  5. it only hurts when i dream
  6. from the desk of elaine
  7. where that wind don't blow
  8. it happens
  1. after the dance
  2. if our love was a tractor
  3. a father's prayer
  4. i knew her when
  5. give them wings
  6. life's no long enough
  7. enough for you

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Brambus is proud to welcome Hugh Mofatt back in the Brambus-family of great songwriters! After his wonderful release "Live And Alone" in 1991, we are proud to present herewith Hugh Moffatt's most recent recordings. Hugh wrote to this: "It is my seventh album, a very simple album based on my guitar and vocal performances. Most of the songs have been written within the last couple of years. Among the older songs of mine on the album will be 'Just In Case,' which was a hit for Ronnie Milsap in 1975 and was my first recorded song. Ronnie Guilbeau is co-producing with me and singing harmonies and playing lead guitar on several tracks. We are doing the work at his second floor studio here in Nashville. Ronnie is best known to country music fans as the leader of the band Palomino Road."

"Ghosts of the Music" will be exclusively on Brambus Records and has 15 songs of Hugh Moffatt, never released before by himself and most of them brand new! After the full arranged Watermelon production two years ago, Hugh Moffatt steps back to the deeper and more acoustic and direct set up as most people appreciate in his concerts. Very intimate, very personal, wonderful to listen to!