Hugh Blumenfeld

Hugh Blumenfeld

Currently available from Brambus Records:

Big Red

Hugh Blumenfeld - Big Red
  1. Big Red
  2. King of Chicago
  3. Bring Stones
  4. Brothers
  5. Shoot The Moon
  6. Did You Hear The Rain
  7. Where's Marlene
  1. Snow Grain Stone
  2. The Raven
  3. Paul Cezanne
  4. Raphaie
  5. Just Say The Word
  6. Loony @ The Muni

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Hugh Blumenfeld is one of the leading American singer/songwriters and has an excellent range of CD's. He has often visited Europe during the past years, last time in the autumn of 1999, together with the outstanding percussionist Shane Shanahan and for some concerts with Doris Ackermann (who is very well known in Switzerland as a front singer) contributing some very tasty background vocals to many of the songs. The few days without live performances, Blumenfeld recorded a fantastic selection of his songs in a pure, direct and honest way. Some of his early song jewels combined with extraordinary new songs like King of Chicago and Big Red confirm his fantastic performance skills and his deep lyric writing, as well as his expressive way of presenting both to the audience. Blumenfeld clearly stands out among a wide range of American singer/songwriters. His live performances and the herewith documented recordings are proof of that! And Hugh Blumenfeld will be Back in Europe in the early part of 2001--be ready for a great songwriter and start discovering his songs now, if you haven't already, with his well acclaimed releases for the American Prime-CD label!