Gilbert Paeffgen & Joe McHugh

Paeffgen and McHugh

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Paefgen and McHugh - Offshore
  1. Dayflower
  2. Lizzie's Garden
  3. Bastin Ar Soner
  4. Pavan
  5. Donai's Roll/Andy's Arrival
  6. Stars of County Down/Butterfly
  1. The New Finger
  2. Farewell, Farewell (with Shirley Grimes)
  3. Berner Jodel
  4. Variations on the Tyne
  5. Offshore

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Gilbert Paeffgen & Joe McHugh offer an extremely fascinating sound, that crosses several musical borders but is still very, very enjoyable. Gilbert Perffgen, who is known far beyond the Swiss borders, from bands like "Aventure Dupont", "Shirley Grimes", "Peter Waters" and others, as very sensitive and inspired drummer, percussionist and mainly hackbrett-maestro (the "hackbrett" is somewhat similar to the hammered dulcimer...)

Joe McHugh, an excellent and well-known flute player and a champion on the Uilleann Pipes. By the age of eighteen he had won the highest award from Ireland at the "All Ireland Uillian Piping Competition".

Most of their first CD, "Offshore" lends itself mostly toward Irish-folk, but renews the roots in a unique and splendid way. The call it "Musique Folklorique Imaginaire".