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Sad But Sweet

  1. scarlet red
  2. one two dejavu
  3. why not me
  4. nobody's home
  5. country blues
  6. grand ave. blues
  7. silent house
  8. knockin' on heavens door
  9. this time
  1. it ain't me babe
  2. just let her go
  3. wildwood flower
  4. high wire
  5. traveling soldier
  6. nothing else matters
  7. ode to billy joe
  8. son of a preacher man

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Here is a fine new addition to the Brambus roster: FLO is more than a talent. Grown up with the musical taste of her daddy, that’s country and Bob Dylan, she went into the music of Avril Lavigne and the Dixie Chicks and many more styles, which she always handled with her own touch.

She spend the fist few years singing in different bands as a guest. 2008 she went for the first time into a studio with the songwriter/producer Ernst Eggenberger. In a short time they recorded a demo CD. At the end of 2008 she made it into the Swiss leg of „American Idol“ called „Music Star“ and in spring 2009 she still was in at the final of the format. She didn’t win but it was an important step. With less compromises she made it almost to the top.

That gave her and Ernst Eggenberger the courage to go to Nashville to record the CD. With a bunch of pickers in studio 215 they laid down 17 track, one climax was the visit of Joanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s sister. She did a duet with Flo on „Wildwood Flower“. At the end of the session she said „Johnny would be proud of you“! Another shining spot was the visit of John Heinrich who did the saxes and the arrangement on “Son of a preacher man”. He plays with the „Memphis Horns“.

The selection of the tunes was mainly done by Ernst Eggenberger, and some by Flo. They selected 3 of Brent Moyers tunes (one of them co-written with Richard Dobson), and two out of the pen of the “Endless Avenue” songwriter Ernst Eggenberger. Ernst also translateda Swiss Nr. 1 Hit „Scharlachrot“ of the Band „Patent Ochsner“ , that gave the ballad „Scarletred“. There are also two videos on “You Tube”! Almost half of the tunes are originals written for Flo and the rest are carefully selected covers and favourites.

More infos on: www.flo-music.net

You Tube:

Scarlet Red: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WHcz3YDVc8

Wildwood Flower: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlzdbPFZrls