Flisch's Black Speed

Flish's Black Speed

Currently available from Brambus Records:

Dr. Watson

Flish's Black Speed - Dr. Watson
  1. Schneewittchen
  2. Motion
  3. Labour Day
  4. Miss U 2
  1. Missing Beat
  2. Xenitemeno Mou Pouli
  3. Monique's Harmful Fantasies
  4. Dr. Watson

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Missing Beat

Flish's Black Speed - Missing Beat
  1. The Islands
  2. Der Grüne Punkt
  3. Miss U 2
  4. Slow in Three
  5. Bassline
  6. Missing Beat
  1. Monique's Harmful Fantasies
  2. Monogamy
  3. Suburban Dues
  4. Snow White
  5. Once Upon A Time

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The members: Ratus Flisch (Bass, CH) played successfully with Gary Burton, Rick Margitza, Mark Soskin, Mick Goodrick, Jerry Bergonzi, Art Lande, Flisch's BlackSpeed, Alex Szipiagin, Arkada Shilkloper, Donny McCaslin and others. He is one of the most creative bassplayers of Switzerland and has released a first Brambus CD this spring with the wonderful ,Missing Beat" with Flisch's Black Speed.

Ratus FlischJohn Vidacovich (drums, New Orleans, USA) has been in concert and on CDs with John Scofield, Ray Anderson, Joe Henderson, Bobby McFerrin, Professor Bennie Wallace, Astral Project and others more. He is titled as the leading drummer of New Orleans and one of the best in the world! Theo Kapilidis (guitar, Saloniki/Greece) is first choice in the Greek modern guitar scene. In Switzerland he worked with the best of the scene: Andy Brugger, Heinz Lieb, Keith Copeland, Wolfgang Zwiauer, Andy Hermann, Heiri Kanzig, John Voirol and many others.

The Trio presents the virtuosity of Kapilidis' guitar, gets driven by the unique John Vidacovich, who beats his 2nd line rhythms as if it would be his last concert and the sound is carried away by the bassplaying of Ratus Flisch, which is full of creativity and ideas. Flat out sound A la John Scofield's recordings of the same title (including Vidacovich!) can be heard from this top trio, which unites a multicultural background into rarely: heard best jazz! The trio is often on tour and should be heard later this year within Mid-Europe and Greece and being back in the first months of the next millenium.