Endless Avenue

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Marc Jundt - Marimba
  1. The Struggle Song
  2. Hole In M< Heart
  3. Still Don't Know
  4. Take Your Time
  5. Grandpa's Bandana
  6. Lullabye
  7. New Hat, New Boots, But The Same Old Blues
  1. King Of Rock N'Roll
  2. Darling Daughter
  3. everybody's Sweetheart
  4. Gone Fishing In Bucksnort
  5. Smokey Nights
  6. Pretty Brown Eyes

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Das Projekt "Endless Avenue" machte Station in Austin Texas, wo wiederum eine feine Auswahl an Songs von Ernst Eggenberger eingespielt wurde. Das Spektrum des neuen Werkes ist noch breiter als beim Debüt u

nd reicht von Klasseballaden über Country, Rock'n'Roll bis zu Anlehnungen an Cajun und Tex-Mex.

The project of "Endless Avenue" had his second stop in Austin Texas. With guests such as Pat Mears, David Rodriguez, Susan Lindfords and many others, another selections of songs from Enrst Eggenberger has been recorded. The musical range is even broader than on the earlier Nashville-recordings: great ballads, country, rock'n'roll and even cajun and tex-mex!

direction Nashville

Marc Jundt - Marimba
  1. love is the father
  2. dust on your shelf
  3. P is burning
  4. the walking song
  5. Good morning sunshine state
  6. Hobo's lullabye
  7. Sage
  8. Boca Grande
  9. little paradise
  1. life from the well
  2. break rag
  3. flying on the wings of America
  4. lines
  5. another lonely summer
  6. gin suckin' buddy
  7. Sarah Louise
  8. Country blues
  9. running in and out of love

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Ein geniales Projekt, auf welchem sich viele Nashville-Grössen, angeführt von Townes Van Zandt, Richard Dobson und Joe Sun, vereinen.

Ernst Eggenberger from Swiss coutry group Funny Hill travelled to Nashville, Tennessee where a number of local musicians, including Joe Sun, Townes Van Zandt and Richard Dobson, recorded seventeen of his songs for this project. The album was co-produced by Ernst and Mike Dunbar, a longtime musical associate of Richard Dobson's.