E. J. Bucher

E.J. Bucher

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A Song in Good Time

E. J. Bucher - A Song in Good Time
  1. Three Chords (intro)
  2. No Country Road
  3. Cold Breeze Town
  4. Corinnah
  5. Too Many Faces
  1. Life of a Workingman
  2. Angry Young Women
  3. Double Bass Girl
  4. Time
  5. Daydreamin' In The Night

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E.J. Bucher was born and raised in the suburbs of Zurich in the early Sixties. Material poverty was bearable, but emotional scantyness was painful. The angry voices of the American folk-revival brought a new style of life to Bucher's rebellion against patriarchal domination in a working-class youth.

Picking up a guitar and blowing a rough harmonica were the next steps towards expressing his hurt. With the music came friends and local success; Bucher's voice spoke for many troubled youth of the '68 generation. With years flowing by, his songs grew more personal, and melodic influences from the celtic heritage grew important and evident. Never heading his efforts to mainstream, his songs are rare jewels of songwriter skill, this time not from the famed Austin-crew, but from an european unknown with as much to offer to the listener.