Dave Baker

Dave Baker

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Dead Men Don't Sweat

Dave Baker- Dead Men Don't Sweat
  1. Let the Good Times Roll
  2. Live With That
  3. I Ain't Got You
  4. Crunchy Rappin' Blues
  5. Didn't Do Me No Good
  6. Hot Cha Baby
  7. Mick Cherry
  1. Sunset Road
  2. Runnin'
  3. Bad Bad Whiskey
  4. Now I Got You
  5. Guilty
  6. Please Do The Do

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Rockin' The Blues

Dave Baker- Rockin' The Blues
  1. Don't You Lie to Me
  2. No Money Down
  3. The Letter
  4. Further On Up The Road
  5. Key To The Highway
  6. Treat Her Right
  1. Hoochie Coochie Man
  2. I'm Talking 'Bout You
  3. Seventh Son
  4. Just a Little Bit
  5. Roadhouse Blues

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Dave Baker's latest CD, "Dead Men Don't Sweat", goes a step further and has a few more dynamic covers, but the compositions by Baker hit in the best rock 'n' blues traditions. Dave Baker has grown into a front-person with the ability to live his music and bring it strongly on-stage. "Dead Men Don't Sweat" is Baker's 2nd Brambus recording and released in May 1997.

"Rock 'n' Blues...That's where I come from.... because it's a fair representation of my musical background and the kind of music that I love, enough to make me want to start playing, back in the early sixties.

Some of these tunes I first played way back then and although the playing style and arrangements have evolved over the years, it's the basic material of the song that still gets me going when I sing and play them.

Every number here holds special meaning and memories for me of bands that have come and gone, memorable gigs that I've seen or played, friends and musicians I've known and worked with, favorite records I've bought, treasure and listened to.

It is also a more or less faithful reproduction of a Dave Baker & The Motivator live-gig as we have been doing all the material here live on stage since I formed the band and started playing gigs."