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Nadja Stoller Trio
  1. If Wishes Were Horses
  2. Now I Know
  3. Pitchfork
  4. I Ain't That Strong
  5. Right As Rain
  6. Big Medicine
  1. Tall Napoleon
  2. Exhaust Pipe Dream
  3. The Tower
  4. Take Your Own Advice
  5. Long Story Short
  6. Jaybird

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The combined spirit and talents of Cory Danyluk and Sarah Card have resulted in an interesting, organic and very identifiable roots music sound that has been called “Prairie Soul”.

We are very proud to welcome the first Canadian recording artists in the fast growing brambus music family: Cory Danyluk & Sarah Card. The young couple has found a big following in North America with their blend of musical influences and their outstanding energy.

The songs of Cory Danyluk have a rare intuitive beauty that is at once brimming with poetic images and evocative of the truest raw human emotions. Drawing from an array of influences ranging form the “Rolling Stones” and the “Velvet Underground” to Woody Guthrie, Van Morrison and far beyond, his music has long been difficult for his fans to pigeon-hole. His unique fiery singing style and powerful blues harp have over the years become a signature tradcemark which, now combined with the lilting and often haunting fiddle style and sweet vocal harmonies of partner Sarah Cards, has blossomed into a musical sound entirely its own that may best be described as acoustic blues-infused folk.
A duo that is much greater than the sum of its parts, Danyluk & Card have been making music that is getting recognition on both sides of the Atlantic. They played big festivals and small folk-clubs from the east to the west of Canada and have been in Europe a first time in 2005 – and they will be back in spring 2006 for a long promotion tour of this outstanding masterpiece. We are proud to welcome them to our label and hope they find your attention here as well as they found it in Canada.

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Too Much To Dream

Nadja Stoller Trio
  1. One Day Revelation
  2. Long Kiss Goodbye
  3. How Long 'Til Mercy
  4. Woebegone
  5. Diamonds Under Glass
  6. Drunkard's Lament
  1. Laughter
  2. Willow Weep
  3. Crutches
  4. Take Heart
  5. Summer Song

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TTheir debut CD “Jaybird” (Brambus 200610-2) was a refreshing, charismatic masterpiece of contemporary songwriting and the combination of Cory Danyluk’s expressive guitar style and his voice with the fine violin playing of Sarah Card is something new and deep going!

After more than two years of intense work, their new album “Too Much To Dream” is ready for the listeners and it goes on where “Jaybird” ended. Again very unique songs with a lot of expressions, great guitar playing, great fiddle work and a unforgettable charismatic voice and singing. Add very strong lyrics and a catchy harmonic feeling and you get mastertracks like “One Day Revelation”, “How Long ‘Til Mercy” and more! The young couple hailing from Edmonton/Canada is ready to travel in this musical world and their new album will bring them more then a step ahead! More: