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  1. The Atholl Highlanders
  2. The Castle Of Dromore
  3. Saint Agnes And The Burning Train
  4. The Kerry Dance
  1. Lascia ch'io pianga
  2. The Chanter's Song
  3. Reverie
  4. Brian Boru's March

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Brambus is proud to add a special project to its roster: buzzART is a band from the Swiss Ticino area and features four (!!) harps in the middle, which most probably is unique!

buzzART are Matteo Fermi (git), Emma Pontiggia (git.), Irene Ferrarese (harp), Dario Polzner (harp), Giulia Pozzi (harp), Sarah Fasolini (harp), Giuliano Ros (bass), Alessandro Nespoli (drums), Claudio Pontiggia (cajon, arr., comp.)

buzzART is proud to launch their first CD. You will be listening to the result of excellent work thanks to the experience of the Melano Terzo Suono Music School teachers and four of their studens. You will enjoy Celtic music from Ireland and Scotland, mixed with polyrhythms, wise jazz and fusion arrangements, mostly written by Claudio Pontiggia. A beautiful reality leading to lovely atmospheres while listening to its varied musical contents.