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Brinkmanship - Logbook
  1. dropsical
  2. s t s
  3. fountain
  4. cicone
  1. limbe
  2. höhenrausch

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Brinkmanship - Logbook
  1. Mouse
  2. Schneller Brüter
  3. News for Ludi
  4. Goatsoup
  1. Love is Allways Worth Fighting For
  2. May the 4th be With You
  3. Bye

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The Swiss saxplayer Jan Bronnimann is an important part of the wide range of excellent new jazz talents in Switzerland. Since 1985 he has worked for several groups with a wide musical range, played on different CD productions and toured with renown artists such as Pierre Favre, Rhonda Dorsey, Herdsmen And Swine, Eddy Floyd, William Bell and many more.

Brinkmanship is the name of his own group and is the youngest member of the Brambus family of high quality music! Logbook is the title of his first own production and is an outstanding direct album, without any corrections or overdubs. The music quality is strongly expressed by direct recording. The compositions, six penned by Jan Bronnimann himself and one by his band member Christoph Staudenmann, are very special and unique. You can hear easily that the musicians have a great feel for jazz, but they are also open for new musical structures more from the DJ and dance floor scene.

Jan Galega Brönnimann and his band "Brink Man Ship" present their second production for the brambus label exactly one year after their wellrecepted debut cd "logbook". The new masterpiece is titled "translution" and is the result of a extended concert serie within Switzerland, but also across the borders. The music has strongly developped, but still is presented very fresh and without any loss of dynamic and creativity.

The four members of the band are excellent players on their instruments, have a playfull use of the material and are very open for all non-jazz styles. With the use of special effects of electronic sounds and samples, they give their music a very special touch, far from mainstream and they take care to the fact, that jazz does not get lost in a dead ent street!

The line-up of Brink Man Ship:

Jan Galega Brönnimann (saxophon)
René Reimann (guitar)
Emanuel Schnyder (bass)
Christoph Staudenmann (drums)

All bandmembers can be heard on several international productions and various brambus jazz realeases!