Big Blue Sky

Big Blue Sky

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2 A.M. Driving

Big Blue Sky - On The Verge
  1. Tattoo
  2. Ride
  3. Unter the Sun
  4. The Way You Move
  5. The Empty Sky
  6. All of Those Tomorrows
  1. 1968
  2. Footprints on the Moon
  3. Winter's Creeping In
  4. One Foot Out the Door
  5. This Road

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Was lange währt wird besonders gut! Dies gilt zumindest für das langerwartete zweite Album des Frauenduos "BIG BLUE SKY", für welches sich die Band mehrere Jahre Zeit liess, entsprechend reif ist es nun geworden! Starke Songs mit engagierten Texten, gut zugängliche und abwechslungsreiche Arrangements und immer wieder präsent die feine stimmliche Harmonie des Duos, dessen Namen aus der Zeit in Florida stammt, aber das Duo zog in den letzten Jahren um an die amerikanische Eastcoast um Boston. Dieser Domizilwechsel ist weder thematisch noch stimmungsmässig in den neuen Songs nachzuvollziehen. Die Songs sind dynamisch, geprägt von zügigen Rhythmen, welche nebst der eigenen Gitarrenarbeit des Duos vor allem für Perkussion und Schlagzeug Gäste wie Tom Petterutti und John Botolho aufweist. Abgesehen davon aber ist das Album wieder ein pures Duoprojekt, spartanisch ausgerichtet und dementsprechend intensiv in seiner Wirkung! Wunderschön! Nach zweijähriger Konzertpause in Europa wird das Duo in diesem Sommer für ein paar Clubgigs und Festivalauftritte in Europa gastieren.

Sometimes it seems to be good to take a bit more to realize a follow up album! BIG BLUE SKY spend a couple years before they decided to record their second album. And waiting was worthwhile! The new songs are dynamic, with strong songs an powerfull lyrics, very chatchy arrangements and always to hear the excellent harmony of the two voices of the duo, wich name results out of their time living in Florida, meanwhile they changed their home to the eascoast of the USA, around Boston. The songs have great dynamic and are full of driving rhythms, but mostly recorded by the duo itself and with only a bit of help on percussion and drums from guests like Tom Petterutti and John Botolho. Besides this, a pure duoproject, spartanic, but still powerfull and very intense in the result. Very very beautiful. After two years of not visiting Europe, the duo will be playing some club and festival gigs this summer in Mid-Europe. The new songs are here allready now, finally and in its best way.

On The Verge

Big Blue Sky - On The Verge
  1. Where You've Begun
  2. Closer to Fidel
  3. On the Verge
  4. Jasmine Tea
  5. Two Sides
  6. Daddy Hopped a Train
  1. Sorcerer
  2. Life's Like That
  3. Two Roads
  4. Nothing in Between
  5. Gold Star Mother
  6. Before This

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The acoustic duo Big Blue Sky has quickly earned a following among serious music fans in South Florida. The duo, comprised of singer/songwriter Sue Crago and Jill Apolinario playing bass and singing harmony, debuted its first CD in early 1998. Over the past two years, Big Blue Sky has performed at festivals, coffeehouses and bars throughout the region. They have also opened for Tom Paxton and Odetta at the 1997 Acoustic Rainbow Tour, played the main stage at the South Florida Folk Festival and participated in Love Fest '98.

Big Blue Sky's first release, On The Verge, introduces ten original songs and is receiving critical acclaim. The duo recently signed with Brambus Records in Chur, Switzerland, whose American artists include Rod MacDonald and Jack Hardy. Their CD is slated for European release in the fall of 1998 with a tour to follow in April 1999.

Sue began performing in Pittsburgh, singing and playing guitar for a succession of bands. She embarked on her songwriting career after relocating to Florida, where she has been a winner in the 1994 South Florida Folk Festival's national Songwriter's Competition, 1994 Miami Herald Soundsearch, and 1998 Suwanee Springfest's Songwriter's competition. Her songs, sometimes whimsical and at other times lyrical and wise, tell universal stories. "These songs talk about love; getting stung by hindsight; moving on; and generally plowing ahead as a woman in this day and age. It's neither feminist nor sappy. It's just strong-willed. And that has nothing to do with hormones - just perserverence", wrote Paisley McClellan, music editor for Florida's JAM Magazine.

A native of New York, Jill moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1990. When the two decided to form Big Blue Sky, named for the wide open sky of the Florida Everglades, Jill began studying the bass which has become her primary instrument in addition to playing the guitar and flute. Her harmony vocals, arrangements and electric bass groove throughout lift the songs up out of the singer/songwriter genre and propel them into a category of their own.

For more information/bookings, contact Big Blue Sky at 954.388.5960, email: or fax: 954.316.5030.