Beat Blaser Music, Inc.

Beat Blaser Music, Inc.

Currently available from Brambus Records:


Sandro Schneebeli Group - Estate
  1. Flatbush Alta.
  2. Nona
  3. Frank Hoover from Vancouver
  4. Notturno Indiano
  5. I Did It For Brigit
  1. Für Urs
  2. I Hate Dogs
  3. Winterpiece
  4. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Giant Steps
  5. Tango Matto

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Beat Blaser Music, Inc.A quartet without harmony instruments, with french horn and baritone saxaphone is a combination so far never heard. Dark moments, shady atmosphere, a lyrical gestus. The two instruments form something like an "elephant's love affair". But as elephants are not only big and heavy, they are also dancing and representing - the Beat Blaser Music, Inc. plays music that goes far beyond the stereotypes; easy swinging, rock-groovy and free flowing in each other, the two melody-instruments and the rhythm-group are building an unusual combination of the highest standard.

Horn player Claudio Pontiggia and baritone saxaphone player Beat Blaser, both great fans of melodies, create a dream-like combination with the rhythm help of one of the outstanding rhythm sections of the contemporary Swiss scene.

Thomas Dürst, on bass and the flyer of the drummers, Marcel Papaux! Another masterpiece of contemporary Swiss jazz on Brambus Records!